God is the CEO
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

From all-creatures.org

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God is the CEO
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

God has the biggest Corporation to run.

Keeping the universe working wouldn’t be fun.

Imagine the daily demands placed on this CEO.

Yet we do not give him a fair go.

We act as shareholders,

But our arrogance becomes bolder.

God governs with his son the entire hierarchy.

The Holy Spirit makes the trinity.

The universe does grow and prosper

Co-operation and love it does foster.

God has that role for eternity.

We are the recipients of God’s great hospitality.

We don’t need an MBA to join this corporation.

We are inheritors by grace and salvation.

The wages have already been paid.

Unlike earthly corporations no one will be betrayed.

God’s profit is not monetary gain, but everlasting love.

All those employed work in harmony together.

And even more they work forever.

There is no greed factor in God’s corporation,

It is the creed factor.

Everyone is greeted as an officer of the Company.

God’s Corporation is one big loving family.

This corporation has it sales people on earth.

They give out free coupons for everlasting life.

Sheltered away from earthly strife.

Come and work for God Incorporated.

Applications are found in writings of St.Paul

There are no tests, entry exams, but one question.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior.

The Angels welcome you and spend time with you.

They organize the orientation for you.

Secure your place now, you won’t regret.

Wave goodbye to your negative debt.’

You now work for the most longest corporation in history.

No beginning, no end, a paradise for eternity.

Commit your life to Christ and become a director.