God Of Revelation
By Lance Landall
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God Of Revelation
By Lance Landall

Oh, God of revelation, who words of life has given,
In awe of Your great knowledge, I to my knees am driven.
Enlighten with Your wisdom, this simple earthly vessel,
That the beauty of Your Truth, deep in my heart will nestle.

May the beams of Heavenís light, flood my feeble searching mind,
So that this mere mortal man, Your immortal truths will find.
Open like a bud in spring, Your sweet Word before my eyes,
So that blooms of truth Iíll see, and clasping, forever prize.

May every revelation, that You seek to share with me,
Take root in fertile soil, and bear fruit that pleases Thee.
May the seed from fruitage born, spread to soil Youíve prepared,
So that other hearts and minds, may receive what Youíve declared.

Please strengthen my resolve, Lord, to be faithful to Your Word,
Increase my understanding, let Your voice be clearly heard.
Light a passion in my soul, for Your Truth that sets men free,
And daily fuel that fire, so itíll burn continually.

Unlock Your kingdomís treasure, so that richer I will be,
Spellbound by Your gems of truth, Iíll take hold of eagerly.
Every jewel thatís granted me, I will study with delight,
And polish it with practice, so that itís kept shining bright.

Keep error from invading, the avenues of my mind,
Whereby access may be gained, to the Truth You want enshrined.
Let nothing rob this treasure, that You want securely stored
In this heart and mind of mine, that seeks to do Your will, Lord.

Blessēd Lord, who wisdom shares, at Your holy feet I kneel,
With gratitude abounding, for the Truth that You reveal.
I will ever praise Your name, for the light that Your Truth gives,
That safely guides my footsteps, as within me, it now lives.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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