God’s Inspiration
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

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God’s Inspiration
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

How often it is when we are faced with a problem an idea comes to us.

It often solves the problem with minimal or no fuss.

We often worry unnecessarily so.

We do not give God’s divine inspiration a fair go.

God is creative and therefore we are creative.

It is how God created us to live.

Whatever happens in life we need to step outside the emotional barrier.

Be productive and positive and become a divine carrier.

God has provided this faculty in us to live well and live in peace.

If we learn to use this faculty we will find that all our anxieties will ultimately cease.

Search back through your memories and you will find God every step of the way.

It was through ignorance of the laws of God we couldn’t hear what God had to say.

What we see as miracles is but the divine thought and action at play.

People often look to see a silver lining or Golden ray.

To the Theologian or metaphysician it is the Divine Will ever flowing for us to tap into.

It has always been here and not something new.

Practice practicing the Presence and be co-creators with the Divine.

Let God’s creative energy and your soul now align.

Always say a prayer of gratitude with each divine session.

Walk humbly with God and give thanks for the lesson.

© Andrew Pell 17/11/07