Grace And Obedience
By Lance Landall


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Grace And Obedience
By Lance Landall

(A mix from some other poems of mine)

Righteousness and justice — God's Holy Word tells us — “are the foundation”
Of that holy realm of God Almighty, from which He rules creation.
For love knows that law is clearly needed, as should lawlessness prevail,
Anarchy would soon rule the day, and God’s government would therefore fail.

God’s Law is what we are judged by, for although we are saved by His grace,
His grace is not a substitute for obedience’s rightful place.
'Though folks might say God’s love is unconditional, not so salvation,
For it is here that faith and works must have a very close relation.

Yes, there has always been a standard that our God wants us to uphold,
And that such is His Ten Commandment Law — we via the Scriptures are told.
For although God knows that only His grace can release us from our plight,
He never intended that His grace let us off from doing what's right.

No, our God’s freely given mercy, is hardly for pardoning sin,
But just those repentant sinners who now no longer want sin within.
For it was never our God’s intention that His grace should cover sin,
But that through the Spirit's enabling, victory over sin we'd win.

You see, grace isn’t where it ends, for that is simply the beginning,
For our God who hates “lawlessness” says, do not wilfully keep sinning. 
Thus, all those doing their best to walk rightly, are covered by His grace,
But should they choose to walk wrongly, they will then simply that grace displace.

Yes, eternal life is promised on acceptance of God’s loving gift,
But not responding to His will here, will simply make this whole thing shift.
Yes, God accepts us where we are, but there, gives us no excuse to stay,
Hence why it is that we are judged by that Law that He has said obey.

And hence why it states in the Bible that if His Law is not obeyed
We will simply nullify His grace and the penalty that He paid.
Not because obedience can save us, but because it is the fruit,
Showing that it's His will we do, and never just what ourselves will suit.

Our God wants us all to obey Him, not because we are saved by works,
But because the genuine person hardly such righteous living shirks.
You see, though our works can never save us, our hearts true intent they show,
Proven in the fruitage that soon comes as further in Jesus we grow.

Although it is our God who changes us, we still have our part to play,
Letting Him do His sanctifying work within our hearts every day.
And as the Holy Spirit changes all those who to their Saviour cling,
Their transformation witnesses, and thus glory to our God will bring.

Therefore, we’re to do the best we can, and the shortfall will be covered
By that pure blood shed on the cross, when our Saviour this world recovered.
But God's grace is never for playing with, it’s simply the beginning,
For once it has been accepted, it’s meant to help keep us from sinning.

Yes, the whole object of Calvary was to both save and then transform,
But any such transformation requires the saved person to conform.
For God to change us inwardly, He needs willing co-operation,
As any growth and change within our lives requires some application.

No, God can’t allow just taking grace, as though that is all that we need,
Hence why we are told repeatedly that His Commandments we must heed.
For He knows that change is needed, and thus His Law shows us where to start,
Which is why He wants it kept willingly, and deeply within our heart.

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