Andrew Pell

Hear My Prayer
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Hear My Prayer
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Dear Lord, do you ever listen?

Do you ever grant what they want given?

Do you listen to the prayers of men?

What happens then?

Are you truly a friend?

Haven’t we all been through these scenarios?

Yet we are all privileged to know.

God does answer our prayers.

He really does care.

He is not a genie with three magic wishes.

He is the one that fed the multitude with loaves and fishes.

We know and feel his love and power.

Yet we continually doubt hour by hour.

Move away from the doubt; know that positive prayers have an affect.

There is no regret.

It is time to forget.

Remember that there is cause and effect.

When we pray positively, it will happen positively.

Open your eyes to the spiritual truth.

God is not aloof.

God is also not a lucky charm.

These superstitions will cause much harm.

He is the one who placed the universe in motion.

He is not a good luck potion.

Humble yourself before you pray.

Listen and meditate on what God has to say.

© Andrew Pell 25/07/08