Belinda van Rensburg

Heaven's Currency
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg


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Heaven's Currency
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg

We've not been bought with diamonds, with silver or with gold,
since none of these could free us from the devil's vice-like hold.
We've not been saved through threats, with promises or force,
for such manipulative methods God would not endorse.

God did not barter with the devil, nor did He compromise;
He did not deign to make a deal with one famed for his lies.
He did not leave us all alone to die for our own sins,
for we're not at the mercy of an idol's selfish whims.

There is only one currency which can redeem our souls,
which can deliver us from sin and loose Satan's control;
the price our Father paid to save us from the second death,
is the Blood shed by His Son 'fore He took His final breath.