Poetry By John Cannon

How Can I Ever
Poetry By John Cannon

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How Can I Ever
Poetry By John Cannon

I slip out the door,
quietly ―
a plump squirrel and
a young cottontail
are close by;
they know me,
no second glance,
back to work.
Two nearby turkeys,
less trusting,
rush to the woods.
I start walking,
slowly ―
at first it seems
so drab and silent
but then
I open ears and eyes;
there’s a mellow hum
of late-summer crickets,
a wren piping
his cheerful pure song,
the dogwoods
with crimson highlights
just starting their encore,

and popping up today
in every roadside patch,
the brilliant
tickseed sunflowers,
asking nothing,
saying nothing,

lighting up
their small
corner of the world.
How can I ever
stay indoors all day,
how can I ever
complain about weather,
how can I ever
lament the seasons’ changes,
how can I ever


to feel blessed ―
beyond all measure ―
how can I ever
to say
thank you.