Andrew Pell

How Can We Hear God Above the Noise of a Crowd?
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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How Can We Hear God Above the Noise of a Crowd?
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

How can we hear God above the noise of a crowd?

How can God get our attention when we act haughty and proud?

We need to go to a quiet place and quiet our mind.

When you are still, you will be surprised of what truth you will find.

Take a walk along the beach.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are firmly within our reach.

Meditate on the problem day and night.

To provide us an answer is the Lord’s delight.

To quiet our Soul, we need to read a verse of a Psalm.

The words will provide you with instant calm.

Take a walk in a garden when the flowers are in bloom.

Jesus said, ”In my heart there will always be room”.

Stop for a moment and forget the hustle and bustle.

All you need to hear is the wind giving the leaves a gentle rustle.

Be still and be quiet for the Lord is near.

Boldly step closer without any fear.

Feel the soft rain; they are God’s tears of love.

Feel the warmth on your face, that is God’s healing rays from above.

Listen to the birds in the trees.

They are God’s messengers echoing your pleas.

Study all the flowers in bright array.

They know that God is near and understands what God has to say.

Be at peace, all creation has the attributes of our Father in Heaven.

Nature can uplift us when we are sad and fallen.

God shall never leave us and that’s his promise.

Problems will be solved and life can be wondrous.

Love God; Love the person next to you.

This truth will set you free and make all things new.

© Andrew Pell 07/12/08