How I Need Thee
By Lance Landall

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How I Need Thee
By Lance Landall

Wrap me in Your arms of love, please keep me safe and secure,
Draw me closer to your heart, and regularly, reassure.
Let me bask in divine warmth, hug me, hold me tighter,
Tell me all about Your love, help faith and hope burn brighter.

Tell me why You love me, Lord, why You died for folk like me,
Why Youíve such love for sinners, who donít have such love for Thee.
Tell me all about Heaven, where one day I hope to be,
And help me remain faithful, so that soon, Lord, Thee Iíll see.

Every day I need You, Lord, for Iím weak, and full of sin,
I succumb so easily to that self that lies within.
I know Iíll never make it, unless You, Lord, grasp my hand,
And guide me down that pathway, that leads to the Promised Land.

I need Your encouragement, for I falter, slip, and fall,
Sometimes Iím trying to walk, before Youíve taught me to crawl.
Thereíre times when Iím discouraged, or my backís against the wall,
And, sadly, there are times, when my confidence seems to stall.

Heaven seems so far away, and sometimes, Lord, You do too,
Midst moments of depression, or those times when skies arenít blue.
And sometimes I feel frightened, by the shadows that are cast
By Satanís evil angels; or, Iím haunted by my past.

I need to know You care, Lord, that You hear my every cry,
That whenever Iím hurting, or am struggling, Youíre nearby.
And that despite my failings, thereís abounding love and grace,
Reserving up in Heaven, Lord, a crown, a home, a space.

Yes, Iím longing for that time, when free of troubles Iíll be,
When suffering and heartache, Iíll no longer feel and see.
But while Iím here on earth, Lord, may I be granted every day,
A little something special, that, ďI love You,Ē will convey.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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