Husbands And Wives
By Lance Landall


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Husbands And Wives
By Lance Landall

They have given their life to you — therefore, you owe it to them to respond,
That is, appropriately, bearing in mind here, that only love can bond.
Yes, as their life-long partner, you have a duty to treat them rightfully,
For it’s all about sacrifice — not about expecting, not about, ME.

You see, because you are their life-long partner, you’re effectively their life,
Therefore, you'll either fill their life with joy, or with much misery and strife.
But it's terribly cruel and most unfair to cause them pain and despair,
When they could have had a lovely spouse, who for them would truly love and care.

“I was wrong,” “I’m very sorry,” “Will you please forgive me,” and, “I love you,”
Are four very important things to remember, and well before bedtime too,
For you’re marriage will not be a happy one, or it simply will not last,
If these four things that I've mentioned aren't said, and preferably very fast.

As a very early ballad conveys, “The angry words spoken in haste,
Such a waste of two lives,” — and in far too many lives, such are often traced.
And this sad ballad continues, “It’s my belief that pride is the chief cause
In the decline in the number of husbands and wives.” — Here I'd like to pause.

What exactly is pride? It’s that dreadful self thing — you don’t want to lose face,
Yes, you’re far more concerned with that little ME, and how often that’s the case.
Well, friend, you should be bigger than that — after all, marriage is for adults,
It’s certainly not for the likes of someone who self interest exalts.

The way that you treat your partner — in other words, your husband or your wife,
Not only displays the real you, but also, affects your very own life.
Yes, it’s not just their life that you spoil via such, it’s not just them that you hurt,
Therefore, I would give self the boot, and that way, heartache you’ll avert.

Oh, how partners need to bury self — otherwise, their marriage will just fail;
Sure it may not actually break apart, but joylessness will prevail.
It's often said that “it takes two to tango”, and in marriage that’s so true,
However, that should never stop you from doing those things that you should do.