I Am Transformed
By Helen J. Dixon

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I Am Transformed
Written By Helen J. Dixon
Audio Version Produced and Narrated By Mark Edgemon

Last night I spoke your name
and as if by magic, I was transformed.
I was taken to places unexplored,
heights never imagined in my wildest dreams.

Last night I heard your voice
and as if on a cloud, I was transformed.
My heart beat furiously in my breast.
Like an untouched maiden, I trembled with excitement.

Last night I dreamed of you
and just like that I was transformed.
I awakened and looked in the mirror
I couldn’t see my face, the aura of the light enveloped me.

Because of you I am different, transformed.
I’ll never be who I was before.
Changed by love’s first blush.
Forever changed because of you.

Helen J. Dixon© 2008

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