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The Incarnation of the light
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Incarnation of the light
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

We are all children of God inheritors of the incarnation.
In each and every one of us, God is renewing his creation.
Each of us has their allocation of gifts to share,
Being an active participant of God’s love that is uniquely fair.
Turning the wine of the old covenant into the wine of the new.
A lighted path provided for all, but accepted by few.
We can all be the incandescence,
Being part of a new renaissance.
Every act is sacramental and discloser on the temporal.
The incarnation of the light lifts us from the base corporeal.
We are granted spiritual rebirth when death knocks at the door.
Our real reward is the image of Christ knocking at the door.
We need to be light bringers to those who are down and outcast.
We need to be like a ship with a Tall Cross Mast.
Being bringers of hope and love to those in need.
We should be the essence of our living and our personal creed.
We are the incarnation of the light.
Ensure our lamps are burning bright.
© Andrew Pell 09/06/2013

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