Itís Weaning Time
By Lance Landall

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Itís Weaning Time
By Lance Landall

When mothers feed their baby, with the milk stored in each breast,
Theyíre doing whatís natural, giving baby what is best.
Their milkís designed for babies, that are human and brand-new,
Never for other creatures, for thatíd be acting askew.

Itís the same with cowís milk, itís just for them, not you or I,
And likewise, itís for babies, calves, that is; to clarify.
It makes them big and heavy, somewhat plump, ungainly too,
But such is okay for cows, that just mill about and moo.

Hence, I canít help but wonder, why it is that you and I,
Each time we do our shopping, those litres of cowís milk buy.
We drink it down with gusto, give it to our youngsters too,
When itís only meant for calves, who, for a while, such pursue.

Yes, even cows donít drink it, itís just for calves, naturally,
It appears cows have more sense, and act more logically.
Hence why their teats are placed, way down at the udder end,
For cows know instinctively, itís not for them; nor you, friend.

So, why are we drinking it, itís hardly the thing to do,
For itís cross-species nursing, when weíre consuming it too?
Other creatures donít do this, itís simply humans that do,
Seemingly unaware, such is biologically askew.

Thus, is it any wonder, that we suffer like we do,
When we consume this liquid, and in great quantity too,
It just irritates and clogs, causes allergies as well,
And as for pasteurized milk ó it can be rotting, yet not smell.

Yes, dairy products arenít cool, best not eaten as a rule,
Theyíre certainly a health risk, and one thatís not miniscule.
Itís sad we really love them, for this love affair can harm,
Hence why I hope this poem, will inform you and alarm.

Ice-creams, pavlovas, milk puddings, cream cakes and cheesecakes,
Flavoured milk drinks, cheese soufflťs, quiches, omelets and milkshakes,
Yes, those dairy products in cooking, be it sweet things or savouries,
All are prime contributors, to obesity and heart disease.

Yes, you love them, donít you, and admittedly, so do I,
In fact, Iíll tell you a secret, I love cream with apple pie.
But consumed over time, especially in quantity,
Dairy products will injure, until itís fait accompli.

Yes, itís all sludge, that wonít budge, it just loves your arteries,
It multiplies over time, until you ache, wheeze, and sneeze.
You see, we werenít meant to have, what is meant for baby cows,
But rather, whatís meant for humans, oops, did I raise some eyebrows?


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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