A Losing Battle
by Joyce C. Lock

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A Losing Battle
By Joyce C. Lock

Satan seduces with Sin.
Sin gives way to Hurt.

Hurt excuses Wounds.
Wounds give way to Hate.

Hate reduces to Evil.
Evil gives way to Battles.

Battles execute Death.
Death gives way to Repentance.

Repentance introduces Hope.
Hope gives way to Forgiving.

Forgiving introduces Healing.
Healing gives way to Faith.

Faith increases Peace.
Peace gives way to Contentment.

Contentment develops Love.
Love gives way to Happiness.

Happiness generates Fulfillment.
Fulfillment gives way to Joy.

Joy accentuates Victory.
Victory gives way to Sharing.

Sharing reproduces seed.
Multiplied seed reaches others.

You'd think Satan would learn,
You can't defeat God!