Andrew Pell

Joyous People
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Joyous People
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Make a list of joyous people in your life.

People that don’t deliberately cause you any pain or strife;

There are people that make you feel good to be alive.

There are also certain people that can make your spirit take a dive.

Do not invest vast amounts of time with those who are negative.

They will drain your energy and then you would have no more to give.

Walk and talk with people who uplift you and you can lift them high.

These are people whose friendship and love you would never deny.

Help them, Love them bring peace to their anxiety in some little way.

You will be like a golden ray penetrating their darkest day.

Be a joyous person who has joyous friends.

Life from that moment in time is on the mend.

©Andrew Pell 06/05/07