Andrew Pell

Light Bearers
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Light Bearers
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

We all have the capability of being Light Bearers.

The reality of this means we are caring.

We hold high the torch of peace.

We hold it high that wars may cease.

Every good deed no matter how small assists the cause.

Goodness and unconditional love emanates from the divine source.

God’s words are heard every single day.

He has ennobled us to help in some small way.

It may involve being kind to an animal in need.

Or simply giving the animal water and some feed;

Light Bearers are God’s angels on earth.

They pierce the darkness with light and cause rebirth.

Be a Light bearer for God today.

God will lead the way.

© Andrew Pell 06/11/09