Andrew Pell

Loved Ones
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Loved Ones
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Treasure our Loved one because they will not always be near.

Separation can be a fact of life, but it can also cause anxiety and fear.

Reach out to our Soul mates, Partners and Loved ones.

Be as one till the day is done.

Live each day, treasure the journey together.

Love them; be in love with them, the journey will last forever.

Become as one in mind spirit and thought.

Love like this cannot be taught.

Love like this cannot be bought.

Say a prayer each night for Gods gift to you.

God will bless your Partner and in turn you will receive a blessing.

Angels to will join in the Celebration with their beautiful singing.

Love yourself, Love your Partner, Love each other.

© Andrew Pell 29/04/07