Poetry by Guila Manchester

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Poetry by Guila Manchester

Among The Weeds
At Christmas
For A Little Boy Who Cried Over A Bird
Fur Coats and Fur
I Love You Zoe
I Wish...
On Behalf of Chickens Everywhere
The Strays
The Symbol
Too Great the Price

About the Author

Guila Manchester, founder of Humanitarians of Florida and a very dear friend to all animals. Guila crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 9, 2000.

Over her lifetime Guila Manchester cared for dozens of animals including burros, cats, dogs, and many species of birds.

She adamantly believed animals had the right to be treated fairly. Her actions and books of poetry will attest to this.

In 1980 she founded the Humanitarians of Florida, Inc. She knew that without a strong spay/neuter program, dog and cat populations would continue to go unchecked leading to the abandonment and destruction of countless companion animals.

Thanks to Guila's tireless efforts, we have a strong spay/neuter program in Citrus County. Some may think it's inconvenient or against nature to have a pet altered but for those of us who have witnessed the death of a perfectly healthy pet, for no other reason than the lack of a home, we will be forever grateful to Guila and all that she has done for the welfare of animals.