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Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

This is an ancient Greek Legend.

There were 9 sisters that inspired various types of performing and creative artists.

Their names were:

Calliope – Assists all Writers and elocutionists.

Euterpe - Flute Player

Terpsichore – Assists Guitarists and String players.

Clio – Trumpet Player

Erato – Romantic Prose and Poetry

Thalia – Assists Comedians

Melpomene – Tragedians

Polyhymnia - Creation of Songs and Hymns.

Urania – Astrology



Let the creative spirits work within us.
Each to their own creative forces or gift.
Shake of the cobwebs and mental dust.
Write a masterpiece; it will give you a lift.

Compose a hymn or music sublime.
Let it rise above all troubles and darkness.
Write a hymn that is not restricted by time.
Compose a hymn that our inward souls may confess.

Ask the mythical Clio to inspire a trumpet part.
Let the trumpet soar above the noise of man.
For those who are sad let it pierce our hearts.
Wherever there is a soul in need, the arrow will land.

Terpsichore will inspire the instruments of string.
A golden voice will deliver the words.
Such joy and happiness will she bring.
Nature will respond, come listen to the birds.

At last Calliope will bring it all together.
It will be in the form of a play, a song and a tragedy.
The divine muses will continually instruct and deliver.
For those who may be sad at heart, it is the ultimate remedy.

© Andrew Pell 23/03/08