Mystery Divine
By Lance Landall

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Mystery Divine
By Lance Landall

Thank You, Father, for Your Son, born to Mary, on this earth,
The long-awaited Saviour, who came via virgin birth.
This promised Lion of Judah, spotless, sacrificial Lamb,
Displayed upon Golgotha, the heart of the great I AM.

From the manger to the cross, this Redeemer of the world,
The fate of every human, in anointed hands had held.
But glory hallelujah! He the victory attained,
Now grace that covers sinners, their repentance, can see claimed.

What such sacrifice and love, what a mystery divine,
That He who rules the cosmos, gave His life for yours and mine.
No, this we cannot fathom, itís beyond our mortal ken,
Thus lips canít do it justice, nor skilled flourish of the pen.

Oh, Lamb of God so worthy, Whose innocent blood was shed,
Whose bruised and battered body, took my punishment instead,
How could I not follow You, given all Youíve done for me,
A sinner so unworthy, of that act that set me free?

Oh, Rock of my salvation, I await Your trumpet call,
But while on earth Iím waiting, please help me surrender all.
Like Paul, I daily struggle, with the selfishness in me,
For I was born a sinner, hence Iíve such a need of Thee.

Oh, Prince of Life, King of Peace, and prophesized Messiah,
May Your blood shed on the cross, lift my gaze ever higher,
May the life I live each day, clearly show what You desire,
May Your love burn in my heart, like a well-fed, well-fanned fire.

Thank You, Father, for Your Son, who came, who died, and who rose,
Yes, that Babe, that Carpenter, the Saviour, who my cross chose.
How I long His face to see, how those tears will fill my eyes,
Tears of joy unspeakable, tears for marks I recognize.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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