Andrew Pell

Nature’s Guest
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Nature’s Guest
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

When we walk in a garden we are truly blessed.

We are at peace; we are nature’s guests.

The life force permeates our very being.

It is like for the first time we are truly seeing.

The trees and plants welcome us in their domain.

We long to stay forever to remain.

Time stands still in this spiritual world of peace.

There is no hectic pace or anxiety, all our turmoil will cease.

Be intoxicated by the myriad of colours and flowers.

Walk amongst them, feel their unburdening power.

Their fragrances transport you to another time another place.

This is now the reality; it is through the flowers you will have seen God’s face.

Enjoy your time as nature’s guest.

Use it as a time of self-realization, relaxation and rest.

Even though time in your garden is an eternity, it is still only brief.

However in that brief microsecond of time, one experiences great relief.

Enjoy your time as nature’s guest.

You will leave invigorated, full of life and full of zest.

© Andrew Pell 31/03/07