No Guts, No Glory
By Mary T. Hoffman


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No Guts, No Glory
By Mary T. Hoffman

“No Guts, No Glory,” our instructor said;
“No Guts, No Glory,” our badges read.
Urged to ski our very best –
Over steep and icy crest –
That’s how I learned to conquer fear,
Earning two medals for that year.
Racing down a snowy slope,
Replacing fear with fervent hope,
Senior citizens’ ski club taught me
More than simply how to snow ski.

Now, that advice works for animal rights,
A struggle on which I’ve set my sights.
Creation groans to be set free – *
All those whose home is land or sea:
The monkey, rabbit, hen, and cow
Sea creature, bird, mouse, or sow
Deserve to live in God’s intent, **
Free from humans who are bent
On choosing evil over good:
To turn God’s creatures into food.
It takes real guts to face the facts:
True glory follows only acts
Based on goodness, truth and peace.
Human-created strife must cease.
All creatures deserve a life
Free from fear, pain, and strife.

* Romans 8:18 and following.
** Genesis 1:20–31.