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Our Gentle Redeemer
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Our Gentle Redeemer
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Our Gentle Redeemer infuses the way.
Obedient to everything God had to say.
A beautiful light from God above,
Filling the world with God’s unconditional love.
Jesus the Redeemer changes our hearts and mind.
No greater treasure would you find?
Made complete by his love and sacrifice.
He came to the lowly not just the wise.
Jesus loves us for who we are.
To feel his love you don’t need to travel far.
His divine light infused the earth.
Through his life and death, the world experienced a rebirth.
Our Gentle Redeemer is with us always.
Jesus Christ is not some mystic maze.
Or some cult oriented craze.
Jesus Christ is one with the Father.
We are all his sisters and brothers.

© Andrew Pell 26/04/2013

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