Pseudo Christians
By Lance Landall


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Pseudo Christians
By Lance Landall

Some say that they're Christians, when in fact, that is hardly so;
They may be Christian in name, but truly a Christian? No.
Within the Christian’s Bible, it says how true Christians act,
And going by that Bible, the following is a fact:

Genuine Christian people don’t hide behind politics,
Nor indulge in game-playing, or any underhand tricks.
Genuine Christian people don’t willfully break the law,
They hate bigotry and prejudice, and gossip ignore.

Genuine Christian people do not hide behind the Church,
Don’t misuse position or power, nor reputations besmirch.
Genuine Christian people don’t act promiscurously,
Firmly stand on principle, always act transparently.

Genuine Christian people don’t rape, maim, pillage or kill,
Nor indulge in backroom deals, or what fuels a rumor mill.
Genuine Christian people don’t fiddle the books, or steal,
Nor indulge in lying or cheating; shared secrets don’t reveal.

Genuine Christian people keep to promises they’ve made,
They practice what they preach, aren’t vain, and wealth don’t parade.
Genuine Christian people always call a spade a spade,
Never force another’s will, investigation don’t evade.

Genuine Christian people do not violate human rights,
They don't seek attention or the limelight, and they aren’t skites.
Genuine Christian people defend freedom of expression,
Uphold civil-religious liberty, condemn oppression.

Genuine Christian people do not curse, blaspheme or swear,
They always act impartially, not cruelly or unfair.
Genuine Christian people -- if blessed with wealth -- such will share,
Uphold biblical standards, shun the extra-marital affair.

Genuine Christian people do not verbally abuse,
They don’t try to control, manipulate; nor others wrongly use.
Genuine Christian people don’t abuse our fragile earth,
Nor tell jokes that show bad taste, or indulge in bawdy mirth.

Genuine Christian people hold no grudges; reconcile, forgive,
They display compassion, mercy, uphold justice, moral lives live.
Genuine Christian people show unconditional love,
Honour and guard the Bible entrusted to them by God above.

Only those who act like Christ have the right to claim His name,
Not those who’re acting contrary, for such Christians bring God shame.
Either they are genuine, or genuine they are not,
And those who aren't genuine, folk can very quickly spot.

Christianity’s a package, not a case of take your pick,
Nor is it some Pick ‘n’ Mix, make believe, just rhetoric.
It’s something that must be lived -- otherwise, it’ll be a sham,
And that’s just hypocrisy, which both God and Scripture slam.

Yes, Christians do make mistakes, for we’re all human, you see,
But mistakes aren’t the same as acting wrong willfully.
However, genuine Christians try to avoid mistakes,
Knowing it’s their behaviour that their witness makes or breaks.