By Lance Landall

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By Lance Landall

Tell me, why do penguins waddle, why do elephants lumber,
And why do bears, in winter, relax, curl up and slumber?
Why do rabbits have big ears, why do pigs have curly tails,
Why do mockingbirds mimic, why’s there a shell on snails?

Why do lizards shed their skin, why do puffins have bright bills,
Why do barn owls hunt at night, why do fish have fins and gills?
Why do moles love eating worms, why do humpback whales sing,
Why do vipers have long fangs, and why do jellyfish sting?

How do hummingbirds hover, why do platypus lay eggs,
Why do centipedes and millipedes have so many tiny legs?
Why is a giraffe’s tongue blue, why do albatross have wide wings,
Why do horses enjoy oats, why do magpies nab bright things?

Why are cicadas noisy, why are turtles very slow,
Why do beavers create dams, why do roosters always crow?
Why is a slug so slimy, why do vampire bats seek blood,
Why do termites build towers, why do hippos love the mud?

How do tadpoles become frogs, why do meerkats stand on guard,
Why are pigeons rather plump, why is rhino skin so hard?
Why do carp fish suck up mud, why do leopards climb up trees,
Why are vultures scavengers, and who put that jump in fleas?

How does a woodpecker drill, how do bees produce honey,
And why do domestic cats pinch places warm and sunny?
Why do panthers like to swim, why do condors fly so high,
Why are gorillas hairy, tell me how, when, what, where, why?

Now, if you cannot help me, I certainly know Who can,
As He knows all the answers to the questionings of man.
And one day we can ask Him, providing He’s become our King,
For Christ’s returning shortly, and saved ones, He’ll Heavenward wing.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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