Poetry by Tammy C. Smith


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Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

In the garden of my heart
grows a very special place
which I’ve sown with hopes and prayers
and now it blooms of love and faith

Such a lovely garden where
you can always feel His peace
and somehow I feel closest when
I am down upon my knees

A garden so well tended
not an evil act will grow
and only seeds of kindness
and compassion shall I sow

A garden tilled with only
deep belief in Him and then
underneath my nails I find
His forgiveness for my sins

As I tend my garden heart
on my knees I whisper prayers
finding earth upon my jeans
in red stains I see Him there

In the garden of my heart
it is my own self that I find
and all my deepest wishes
of those once upon a times

In my garden are those seeds
that I planted long ago
even as a little girl
it was Him I wished to know

And in my garden heart He’s there!
His voice became my sunshine rays
and His presence is my earth
His love is deep like rich red clay

His words fall down like raindrops
my faith in Him more deeply grows
with every whispered prayer I tend
my calling from Him: rhymes to sow

In my garden I feel His peace
and those red stains I love to find
because I know upon my knees
I will find Him every time!