Seasons - 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman


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Seasons - 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

I welcomed Spring with open arms.
(We all admit she has her charms.)
But soon my welcome starts to wear
As once again I must take care,

For then reality sets in:
I must from ticks protect my skin,
And soon mosquitoes will be here
To buzz around, I fear. Oh, dear!

Summer’s here before you know it.
Grass grows fast; we have to mow it.
Outdoor plants all thirst for water.
(I don’t want to sound a martyr!)

Autumn seems so far away
When we’re hardly into May.
I dream of leaves all red and gold
As trees prepare to welcome cold.

Then Winter’s chill
Becomes a thrill.
These are some reasons,
Of all the Seasons,

Winter is best
‘Cause I can rest!

(Written the morning of 17 April 2006)