J. R. Hyland

Poetry by J. R. Hyland

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Poetry by J. R. Hyland

There was no way to join a world
Of death, disease -- of misery;
And so I stood outside of life
And hated inhumanity.

Each year it grew, this hate I held,
And heavy though it soon became
I willingly endured its weight:
I soon was martyred by my hate.

Not once, not twice, but every day
I died this martyr’s painful death,
Crushed down by the enormous weight
Of my unchecked, enormous, hate.

For forty years I watched the world
From out my prison of despair,
And marked the lack of love that caused
Such constant chaos, everywhere.

I saw oppressors come and go
Supplanted by their enemies,
Who came to power practicing
The same obscene brutalities.

With every power shift, my hate,
Shifted targets easily;
Unbound by prejudicial ties
I always knew the enemy.

For forty years I watched the world
Go mad with its unending strife;
For forty years I hated those
Who caused this travesty of life.

And all those years, I never knew
That it was I who helped create
A monster planet, product of
Unending and enormous hate.