Belinda van Rensburg

Shepherds in Wolves' Clothing
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg


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Shepherds in Wolves' Clothing
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg

Why is it that there are those who will use
God's Word which they distort and abuse?
Charlatans with their gold chains and rings -
Selling bottled water and other 'blessed' things.

You prepare your traps with your unholy bait,
For unwary souls you lie in wait.
to relieve them from their hard-earned cash
to add to the rest of your ill-gotten stash.

You promise them healing and perfect health
and tenfold returns and untold wealth.
You prey on the weak and the souls in pain
and you do all this for power and gain.

Beware you false shepherds; you mislead the flock
But God is not One Whom you can mock.
Do not think for a moment that you can win;
For you'll be called to account for your terrible sin.

You will be removed; exposed and defrocked,
for you have cheated and lied and mocked.
Before you know it you will be gone,
and the flock will be led by God's own Son.

(This poem won second prize in the May 2008 Christart poetry competition)