Thanksgiving Verse
By Various Authors


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Thanksgiving Verse
By Various Authors

This collection of verse began at the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society's Board Meeting on 22 Sep 2002 while they were planning their annual Thanksgiving Dinner. You are welcome to add your short poem to this collection.

We don't serve the breast,
We don't serve the thigh;
To grace our Thanksgiving table,
No animal will die.
~Roberta Schiff

Turkeys are blessed,
'Cause we treat them as guests.
~Frank L. Hoffman

Our turkeys won't be blue,
This Thanksgiving 2002.
~Rae Schlecht

At our Thanksgiving Dinner,
The turkey is a winner!
~Frank L. Hoffman

Turkeys we don't breed,
For vegans have no need.
~Frank L. Hoffman