Andrew Pell

The Acceleration of Time
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Acceleration of Time
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


In quantum physics scientists are postulating the theory that time is going faster.

Our immediate reaction is ‘What a complete and utter disaster’?

We work the same hours, but find we accomplish less.

We get agitated and think this is one gigantic mess.

However, it may be part of God’s final plans for the last days.

The Good news is that we will look forward to Christ’s return with the heavens ablaze.

Time moving faster could very well be what was prophesised in the sacred scriptures.

Christ’s return will mean the end of all our collective and global failures.

God’s love will make all things new and restore time to its rightful measure.

There will be no more divisions between Prince and beggar.

In God’s scheme of things the acceleration of time may have consequence.

But the rebuilding and renewal of everything including time will certainly be immense.

© Andrew Pell 16/02/08