The Apocalyptic Window
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Apocalyptic Window
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

This is a pivotal and climatic day in all of history.

This alignment of spiritual forces is not a mystery.

It is part of Gods plan to finally defeat evil.

The truth can be found in various parts of the Bible.

The Kings of the East will wage war on the Kings of the West.

This will be done at God's behest.

Jerusalem is the holy prize, the city that is blest.

The day when man in his arrogance fights against Heaven,

The destructive forces unleashed that no one could ever imagine.

God's word is eternal and will come to pass.

The conflagration will be stopped short, how can it last?

All evil will be thrown into the abyss for a thousand years.

The saints and martyrs cannot hold back their tears.

Christ will reign on earth with his angelic host.

No more will man with pride be able to boast.

The Lamb will lay down with the lion.

God will raise and bless holy Zion.

Those who know Christ have been granted salvation.

God's love poured out to so many will cause great elation.

It will bring hope, peace and love to every nation.

A new age, a new start with Christ’s reign on earth,

A planet now united and blest, will experience rebirth.

God and man once again united forever.

God's love and covenant with man will last forever.

Peace as it was once in the Garden of Eden.

It will be like the coming of new season.

Do not look at the apocalypse with fear but love.

The trials and tribulations turn into joy

A new start, earth will have a new history.

Christ will return from Heaven above.

Be at peace a wondrous time to follow.

A time of no more darkness, sickness or sorrow,

There will be a bright golden tomorrow.

"Let him who is thirsty, drink the water of life freely given".

Amen, Amen, Amen

(c) Andrew Pell 21/11/11