Andrew Pell

The Celestial Rhythm
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Celestial Rhythm
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Do you not feel God’s presence everywhere you go?

Do you not see the wonders of creation that he has to show?

Do you not look up in space and see the planets in perfect harmony?

It is far too much to comprehend; don’t you agree?

How can it possibly function without a God of love?

Surely you can’t possibly think it is Robotic when you gaze into the above.

If you listen intuitively, you can hear the celestial harmony.

It is those vibrations that will surely set you free.

The precision and physics is too much to ponder.

It would take an eternity and much longer.

The answer is so simple; open your heart and your mind.

Become as one with the Divine Art.

Walk with God’s vibrations not against.

If you don’t you will only create yourself a spiritual fence.

When you look upon the heaven’s embrace the wonder.

Share the wonder with one another.

© Andrew Pell 28/01/08

The Celestial Rhythm