Andrew Pell

The Christ Ascendency
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Christ Ascendency
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

When the world looks really bad

And the cries and injustice makes us sad.

We think that things cannot get much worse.

Then the world is hit by another curse.

But things are not all bad.

There are certain things that will make us feel glad.

When things get much worse.

Men’s hearts will seek Christ first.

It is known as the Christ ascendency.

Where Christ has mercy and shows much leniency.

As each day passes, men look inward and upward.

This gives them the strength to move forward.

Days and Months pass and Christ’s influence becomes stronger.

We do not wish to be selfish or unloving any longer.

Men’s hearts change as his light radiates over the earth.

With each passing ray, men find renewal and rebirth.

His light will be seen in the sky.

He awaits our reply.

Look and embrace the Christ ascendency.

Begin your journey now without any hesitancy.

© Andrew Pell 02/02/08

The Christ Ascendency