Andrew Pell

The Cosmology of God
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Cosmology of God
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

The Grandeur of God reaches far into galactic space.

The whole cosmos is blest by his divine grace.

The stars reflect his incandescent illumination.

God is the composer of the celestial harmonization.

The moon maintains its elliptical orbit around the earth.

It produces a soft light at night to convey its worth.

The planets in circular motion revolve around the sun.

This has been in affect since known time had begun.

The myriads of galaxies take their rightful place.

The stars and planets behold him face to face.

Worlds undiscovered and yet unknown give him praise.

The comets acknowledge the potentate of time with a gentle wave.

All living creatures earth and alien bow in spiritual contemplation.

The Divine and the created worlds work in mutual collaboration.

Who can fathom the mystery of the living creator?

God charts worlds and is the celestial navigator.

© Andrew Pell 05/10/08

The Cosmology of God