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The Good Friday Message
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Good Friday Message
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Do not dwell on the death and barbaric ritual of Good Friday.

We are exposed too much of the darkness and negativity of that day.

The hidden meaning and message of the day is often overlooked.

It wasn’t about pain or sacrifice or a world that shook.

The message was about complete and total love we cannot even describe.

A covenant was made at Calvary where God will always be at our side.

A day in human history where God and man became Partners in life;

A day that we have the power to overcome all earthly strife;

A day never before seen and will never be seen again.

A day when man handed over to God all his anguishes and pain.

The contract was signed that darkness and negativity tried to undermine.

This is the focus of what Good Friday is all about.

A day in history where there is no longer any doubt.

Man is now part of the heavenly family of God above.

A day in human history where darkness dissipated and there was only Light and Love.

© Andrew Pell 10/04/09

The Good Friday Message