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“The Great Fugue” Written and performed by God
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

The fugue is normally announced in the beginning bar.

But through this musical art it will travel very far.

It is then picked up and echoed through the other voices.

It is an art form that is precise and accurate according to scholastic sources.

Each bar will be echoing the bar before.

And with each phrase repeated our spirits doth soar.

But what about “God’s fugue? Also called “The divine artistry”.

It is there for everyone to hear and see.

His motif is love and is picked up by all creation.

All creatures respond in fugal adoration.

Each creature then picks up and responds to the motif of love.

The divine melodies ascend’ and touches the very heart of God above.

The motif is echoing throughout eternity.

The melody will set us all free.

His music is etched in the cosmos above.

Each spells out in the celestial sky God’s everlasting love.

God’s great fugue is a precise form of art.

It is a joining of all creation that will never ever part.

© Andrew Pell 26/01/08

The Great Fugue