The Holy Spirit’s Prompting
By Mary T. Hoffman


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The Holy Spirit’s Prompting
By Mary T. Hoffman

What is the purpose of your birth?
Why were you put here on this earth?

God’s true intent to help restore
And bring His peace forevermore
For all who suffer night and day –
“Least among us” hidden away;
Lives destroyed, a living hell,
With few who care and few to tell
The truth about this blood-soaked earth.

Billions of creatures bought and sold
By those whose hearts are icy cold;
With lies they keep a stranglehold
On people who are never told
The torture of the “food” they eat.

To you who have a caring heart,
Feel grief, lament, deplore
The needless cruelty that’s rife,
Taking another creature’s life,
I ask – indeed, implore
To not forsake, do not ignore
The Holy Spirit’s prompting.

For this God placed us here on earth;
For this He gives us second birth:
To help Him usher in His Kingdom.

(Written 9 February 2008)