Andrew Pell

The Keeper of the Dawn
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Keeper of the Dawn
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Who is the Keeper of the Dawn?

Does he herald in a bright and glorious morn?

Is he some mystical entity that controls the worlds throughout time?

Yet we know that there must be order of some kind.

Who sets this in motion and daily governs this event?

What angelic spirit holds the key; for all who are present?

The one who holds the Key is the Eternal Alpha and Omega.

Without that sustaining presence we wouldn’t get very far.

The Ancient of Days is known to many, but accepted by a few.

Yet all the planetary motions do their celestial orbits right on cue.

With our finite minds we cannot even grasp or comprehend the Eternal Throne.

We are so limited and sometimes we feel so alone.

But God is eternal, the Lord of all creation.

The divine spark ignites every worldly and every celestial nation.

Without God; there would be sheer chaos.

Go back and fully understand the book of Amos.

God is God and Light of Light.

Let the heavens and the earth radiate their supernal light.

Believe in the light of Christ, without this light, only darkness and void.

With God as Keeper of the Dawn, the myriads of Angels and Arch Angels are gainfully employed.

© Andrew Pell 05/01/08

The Keeper of the Dawn