Andrew Pell

The Lark Ascending
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Lark Ascending
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

(Inspired by the orchestral suite English composer by Dr. Ralph Vaughan Williams)

I watched the bird fly high in the sky.

It was so graceful; it was as if the bird had studied ballet for years.

Higher it went, its head turned slightly to acknowledge me and say goodbye.

Its exquisite beauty, its graceful movements brought me close to tears.

The divine and nature have created extreme beauty.

If only we stopped and opened our eyes to see.

By the power of spirit and divine thought,

We can ascend to the heavens above.

We can learn from nature that all things are possible.

To set your self-free, you must feel the power and embrace the God of love.

Walk with such spiritual clarity and know that all things are possible.

Do not limit yourself to the mundane; all things are within your reach.

Expand your consciousness and embrace the divine.

The lark ascending has a lesson to teach.

Learn that lesson, you are no longer blind

© A. Pell 12/11/2005