Andrew Pell

The Lighthouse of God
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Lighthouse of God
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

God has provided us with a Lighthouse for his light to shine.

It can be seen from all the corners of the globe; his light is divine.

It radiates and permeates through all creation.

It is bigger and brighter than any nation.

It is not a burning torturous bright light.

But a gentle soft hue that infiltrates our very being.

It soothes and brings calm and peace. It is a wondrous feeling.

It emanates from the very throne of God himself.

It will be seen when we call upon God; it does not appear by stealth.

It illuminates our very perception, our intellect and our grace.

It is with love we behold each other face to face.

It is there for those who need protection and sustenance in life.

The light will always be there to guide us when it is dark and there is strife.

We to in turn will become a lighthouse to shine our light.

The world will then be bathed in a mystical glow that will forever shine bright.

© Andrew Pell 26/08/07