Andrew Pell

The Light of the Soul
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Light of the Soul
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

The light of the soul shines as a strong beacon of light.

It illuminates the ethereal world incandescently bright.

Those who are in range will feel instantl peace and total love.

It doesn’t necessarily come from high above.

It can radiate from a person on the bus or on a train.

The light will resonate with another traveller with frequency the same.

The light will pierce the darkness.

The light of a warm smile will give peace and rest.

We may not even be conscious of the light of the soul.

We may even think our lives are dreary and dull.

But our inner light permeates far and wide.

Our inner light walks side by side.

It is the same light where God abides.

We are all part of a beautiful creation.

The Light that shines swells us with such elation.

Open your mind to a perfect world with your wondrous imagination.

The Light of your soul reaches out every single day.

Let the divine creative forces come out to play.

© Andrew Pell 15/02/09

The Light of the Soul