Andrew Pell

The Limitations of Man
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Limitations of Man
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

The Limitations of Man

We were created a little lower than the angels.

But even that was a bit of a hard sell.

We have the imprint of the Gods.

But that can be a very heavy rod.

We can accomplish great things.

We can write the music and the hymns.

Man can land on the moon.

Apparently there will be a maned flight to mars soon.

But without wisdom, it will all fall through.

Through the ages this is nothing new.

We are lacking and limited in a spiritual capacity.

We also must be careful of our spontaneity.

Yet with the mind of God nothing is impossible.

However to forsake our temporal power and wealth is quite improbable.

Man was God’s anointed pride in his creation.

He gave us the gift of seeking God’s vision.

Many are called and few are chosen.

Once we are accepted, we must diligently learn the lesson.

© Andrew Pell 17/05/08

The Limitations of Man