Andrew Pell

The Mistakes of Man
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Mistakes of Man
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

The Mistakes of Man

We are imperfect creatures and good at making mistakes.

We make a wrong decision and then it is to late.

The Divine wisdom escapes us at times throughout the day.

Sometimes this causes headaches and our friend’s great dismay.

We do not have enough trust in God to influence our decision process.

Our thoughtful minds and goodwill often take a recess.

As a consequence we unavoidably hurt people we care about.

It is often because we put God’s peace and wisdom in doubt.

God will always correct and steer our erroneous ways.

Our mistakes can cause emotional and spiritual malaise.

We often stumble in the darkness

To our friends we don’t appear gracious.

Do not be too hard on yourself; God is forgiving.

God showers us with his every blessing.

Our very being and thought pattern can rapidly change.

For a while everything will seem a little strange.

We will be refined and purified by God’s Holy Spirit.

Our souls and mind will become very temperate.

Do not worry about making the mistakes.

When the Divine guides and strengthen us, our soul awakes

© Andrew Pell 20/03/08

The Mistakes of Man