Andrew Pell

The Quiet Hours
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Quiet Hours
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

At the end of the day we long for the quiet hour.

A time of peace where we can claim our spiritual power;

The artistry and tranquility of a divine sunset;

A time when our entire spiritual needs will be met

We give thanks and meditate for the day that is past.

We remember the good moments for they will last.

We immerse ourselves in the vastness of the stars above.

They reflect the holy one, The God of love.

The nocturnal chorus echoes through the night.

Their Symphony of Twilight fills us with such delight

We ponder tomorrow with rectitude and calm.

No longer the problems of the day cause us alarm.

All we can feel is God’s heavenly balm.

The quiet hour renews our passion and vision.

There is no longer any indecision

© Andrew Pell 12/12/09

The Quiet Hours