Andrew Pell

The Sacramentum
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Sacramentum
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

The Sacramentum is your allegiance or word.

A status is then embraced and conferred.

Our commitment is sacred and confirmed.

It can be in word or deed.

It comes with no malice or greed.

The Sacramentum is made by sincerity.

Not to be taken lightly or with levity.

The Sacramentum is a promise made.

Do not delay or let it fade.

We commit to a certain course of action.

Let the commitment be our doctrine.

It could be as simple as “Let me assist”.

Sometimes we need to persist.

The Sacramentum is your bond and blood.

Let it blossom like a flower in bud.

Keep your word and keep the energy flowing.

Keep your light burning.

© Andrew Pell 14/06/10

The Sacramentum