Andrew Pell

The Shape of the Cross
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Shape of the Cross
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell
Audio by Mark Edgemon

The Shape of the Cross

Have you studied the shape of the cross?

The horizontal beams are outstretched embracing our individual pathos.

The vertical beams are cemented into the earth and point upwards to the God of love.

The man on the cross, surveys his eternal kingdom seated high above.

The cross also symbolizes the mast of a tall ship in full sail.

The main mast is guiding the ship through the torrents of wind and gale.

The cross at Calvary is guiding men’s hearts from the darkness into light.

The man on the cross is restoring our spiritual birthright.

The four main points of the cross are symmetrically designed.

It is from these four points at Calvary we are no longer blind.

Next time you see the image of a cross, study it and embrace the form.

Your life and world will be transformed.

© Andrew Pell 15/03/08