Andrew Pell

The Will of My Father
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Will of My Father
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

The Kingdom of Heaven is for those who do the will of the Father.

Few will actually taste God’s heavenly nectar.

The Souls of the unrighteous will be turned away.

God will say, “Your hearts are moulded like solid clay”

You have studied the texts; you are versed in scripture.

But compassion and love was not of your nature.

The hungry and needy you chose to ignore.

Did you ever try to help the poor?

What good is there in just prophesying in my name?

Did you ever attend to the crippled and the lame?

You claim to know me, but you didn’t understand what I wanted most.

I needed you to be a holy vessel, to love as I have loved and to be my host.

Depart from me, how could you possibly understand.

To love and to nurture was my ultimate plan.

Depart from me for I do not know you.

Those who know my son know my words are true.

© Andrew Pell 01/06/08

The Will of My Father