Poetry By John Cannon

Poetry By John Cannon

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Poetry By John Cannon

by a culture
that has moved beyond
the primitive symbols
of manhood,
these pseudo-he-men
appear pathetic
and pitiable
as they posture
in their camo gear,
more hopeful
of being noticed
than not,
to spend more time
in public places,
among their fellow posers,
than in the wild.
But many do
wander through our forests
and neighborhoods
or sit above our heads
in comfy tree-stands,
incredibly dangerous weapons,
pumped up
by a Rambo fantasy
(created by the gun makers,
fostered by the NRA,
and supported by greedy pols),

just champing at the bit
to unleash
their pent-up fury,
their self- and other-hatred,
their bellyful of being nobodies
of being
the anachronistic vestiges
of a bygone era
when survival
was the only thought
and true morality
had not