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Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


There is a hushed silence in the room.

It is a minute past noon.

A man walks on to the podium.

People’s hearts were energised like pure radium.

He spoke quietly and welcomed everyone.

Some people were deadly serious, others for fun.

The lights went dim,

They began with a Hymn.

Then suddenly the voices came through.

Each discarnate spirit reaching out to a loved one it knew.

Each discarnate spirit is positioning themselves in place to reach through.

A name of some familiar message rings true

A Contact has been made.

The Channelled does everything so the message will be relayed.

There are no longer divisions between the physical and the spiritual.

Barriers are broken down so everything is eternal.

One by one the Spirits have their say.

Each word to the loved one is like the sun’s healing ray.

The Light that shines in the darkness brings light.

The heavenly realm is a realm of endless day, no night.

The channelled finishes his session with a prayer.

They pray for peace and thanksgiving for the words that have been shared.

The man is on a divine mission.

He builds a bridge between co-existing co-eternal worlds.

God himself governs the overlapping of both worlds.

© Andrew Pell 03/04/09